Week 5


When a web of society has evolved to be as complex as the ones existing on Planet Earth today, there is no such thing as utter originality. Individuality exists only in the context of localized norm, but is obsolete in the realm of the world and history. In an idealist view, our oh-so-familiar human egos wouldn’t lead us to NEED rules and regulations on ideas. We would accept that we are all interconnected, sharing with each other and utilizing the thoughts of others for growth and prosperity as a whole. But in a business-based world, there is no other choice. We have set our lives and personal economies up so as to run on the fuel of our inventions and brilliancy. By no fault of our own, our ideas become our territory. This territory is used to help raise families, pay bills, and be a functioning member of society. It would only make sense that a copyright/patent protection persist as long as it benefits the member of society for whom it was originally intended to. This could occur until the end of one’s working life. Furthermore, when (not “if”) society evolves beyond the point at which the copyright/patent was made, it ceases to be beneficial. Remixing, as long as credit is given where it is due (which, often times, it is not), isn’t considered plagiarism. It is merely a resurrection of ideas that existed in previous stages of social evolution, creating further complexity in an already complex world. We are not as individual as we wish to believe, and remixing merely accepts this and builds from it.


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