Week 3 Post


I must say that Hootsuite is my favorite of the tools we have learned about this week.  Clearly there are many tools we are using, and this helps by putting a few of them into just one site.  I like that I won’t have to go all over the place to check for updates.

Education is something that never ceases.  I am constantly learning.  Learning is an unquenchable thirst.  Just because education is formal (i.e. expensive) doesn’t make it any more superior than “non-formal” education.  Traveling, exploring the depths of nature, socializing with unfamiliar people and ways of life, and stepping out of your comfort zone in any way are all part of the learning process.  University is only the tip of the iceberg.  When I graduate, and utilize my skills to help others, I will not only be giving knowledge of my own to others, but will be soaking up all that others can teach me.  I plan on continuing participation in non-profit organizations for as long as I live, and that is some meaningful education right there.


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